Heleana Zambonino

Partner type: National governments
Address: Quito
City: quito
Country: Ecuador
Report Partner
Coordinación para la Reconstrucción y Reactivación Turística - Mintur: Tourism planning in post-catastrophic scenarios. Tourism as central core for local development after Ecuador's Earthquake in Quito Urban mobility advocacy and women's inclusion in the public space

Commitments by Heleana Zambonino

Sustainable Tourism Planning to design cities, rebuilding and economy reactivation in post-catastrophic scenario: Manabi and Esmeraldas Ecuador's Earthquake

5 years 10M – 100M USD Local Spatial Development

By: Heleana Zambonino - National governments.

Quito 11152 - Ecuador

April 16 Earthquake18h58 (local time), magnitude 7.8. Hypocenter in front of Pedernales (Manabi), 20 km deep. According to sample information by the General Statistics Coordination of the Ministry of Tourism, 115 buildings were affected total way by the earthquake as follows: 27% of this total is located in Pedernales, 26% in Manta, Portoviejo 17%, 14% in San [...] 7 partners Join