Partner type: Local and sub-national authorities
Address: 22 rue Joubert
City: Paris
Country: France
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The French network of urban planning agencies (FNAU) gathers around 50 public entities of reflection about the planning and the development of large French urban areas. Most of the urban planning agencies have a status of association in which the state and other public partners of urban development meet, around local authorities. The FNAU is an association of elected representatives which offers a dedicated place for urban matters. It makes a stand in major national and european debates about urban policies and the future of cities. 

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Global networking of urban and territorial planning agencies

20 years < 100k USD Global Urban Frameworks

By: FNAU - Local and sub-national authorities.

22 rue Joubert 1988 - France

We consider crucial the work in network of metropplitan planning agencies (MPA) and national or regional networks of Metropolitan planning agencies - public or non profit organizations preparing metropolitan policies and strategies and monitoring metropolitan and urban developments. They are the memory, the database, the mappers, the think tank [...] 28 partners Join