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Partner type: Children and youth
Address: B107, Kelin Mansion, Dongsi North Street, Dongcheng
City: Beijing
Country: China
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Development Innovation Insider is a platform that assists grassroots organizations and young changemakers to transform global innovations into sustainable local impacts, and create lasting changes that go to scale for the bottom of the pyramid. We help grassroots philanthropic organizations in emerging economies to develop and implement their social innovation strategies, as well as connect them with the most forefront international practices and resources to build capacity at the grassroots level. We believe that future grassroots champions need an eco-system to grow and development, and we are determined to be part of the solution

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20 years < 100k USD Global Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Development Innovation Insider - Children and youth.

B107, Kelin Mansion, Dongsi North Street, Dongcheng 2069 - China

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