Partner type: Civil Society Organizations
Address: Cr 5 No 70A-74 piso 2
City: Bogota
Country: Colombia
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Despacio is a non-governmental organization in existence since 2008 and legally established as a non-profit organization in 2011. One of its main objectives is to promote the quality of life in all stages of the life cycle through applied research. Its philosophy is based in part on the Slow movement, with the goal of improving individual and community well-being from the most individual and familial aspects (food, transport, child-raising, organization at home and work) to the most collective (planning and managing slow, humane and sustainable cities).
Despacio has carried out more than 20 studies and published more than 10 documents on urban development, sustainable transport, lighting and climate change between 2011 and 2016. It has worked on projects and organized events related to urban development policy, sustainable mobility, the promotion of non-motorized transport, motorcycles, road safety, demand management, and climate change with international organizations.

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Cities going slower

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Cr 5 No 70A-74 piso 2 2006 - Colombia

Cities are going too fast. The idea behind this initiative is to promote cities of any size to go at an appropriate speed and respecting the rights of citizens. The aim of this effort is to create more livable cities that will anyway have prosperous economies and, further, improved [...] 23 partners Join