Addressing the Unaddressed

Partner type: Grass roots organizations
Address: L6G 56LP, T7 Maple Avenue, Stillorgan/Sandyford Industrial Park, Blackrock
City: Co Dublin
Country: Ireland
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Addressing The Unaddressed is a nonprofit social enterprise founded by Alex Pigot and Tina Roche.
Our purpose is to provide a unique (postal) address to people who live in dwellings of unplanned settlements such as slums, shanties, semi permanent campsites etc. Our work is carried out from our office in Kolkata, India where we are working in close collaboration with the Hope Kolkata Foundation. Our administrative office is located in Dublin, Ireland. Addressing the Unaddressed was set up in response to the Universal Postal Union's (  “Addressing the world: an address for everyone” initiative.
Our vision is for any person who does not have a unique address, and especially those living in unplanned settlements (such as slums, shanties, rural villages) and who wishes to have an address, may have one.  The technology used will be of the most up to date 21st century technology that is user friendly, efficient and which is future proofed. Our vision is informed by our belief that an address is an essential attribute for any citizen and that having an address is fundamental to citizenship, democracy, social justice and equality.

Commitments by Addressing the Unaddressed

Addressing the Unaddressed

10 years 100k – 1M USD National Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Addressing the Unaddressed - Grass roots organizations.

L6G 56LP, T7 Maple Avenue, Stillorgan/Sandyford Industrial Park, Blackrock 1986 - Ireland

Addressing the Unaddressed (ATU) will provide free of charge geocoded postal addresses to slum dwellers in Kolkata India. (We are currently working in Kolkata and encouraging others to copy our methodology in other slums in India and in other countries.) [see] Join